Welcome to LACVIS

LACVIS Nigeria limited was established in 2016, to introduce vehicle testing technologies and undertake computerized vehicle inspection services in Lagos state. The Lagos Computerized Vehicle Inspection Service, LACVIS, is a special purpose vehicle, set up by the Lagos State government and other stakeholders to partner with the state’s Vehicle Inspection Service to ensure the safety of the motoring public Vehicles are tested for the purpose of ascertaining their worthiness on roads and for the issuance of Road Worthiness Certificate. In pursuing this mandate

LACVIS was set up by a strong desire to provide lasting solution to the historical antecedents of dangers posed by having vehicles that are not road worthy on Lagos State roads.
LACVIS is regulated by the Lagos State Ministry of Transport to provide technical and operational infrastructure to inspect vehicles according to the statutory provisions of the law. LACVIS work with major stakeholders namely: VIO, FRSC, Nigeria Police, Road Traffic Unions, Electronics and Print Media, the press, and the General Public


To  be the preferred Vehicle Inspection Operator of African origin with Global Acceptance


To collaborate with the government in reducing road traffic crashes and fatality in the country by guarantying sound road worthiness of vehicles

To Partner with relevant agencies, stakeholders and the general public in saving the lives and properties of Nigerians through improved road safety administration.

Lagos Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS) is Nigeria’s leading vehicle inspection specialist. Our inspections protect motorists and increase safety for all road users. Today, LACVIS has 18 inspection centers presently in Lagos, with the aim of building over 50 center across Lagos in the next 3 years. We are set on a path of continued expansion and improvements that will meet the needs of the state rapidly increasing motoring population. We pride ourselves in inspecting vehicles to international standards, saving lives and giving support to Lagos State Ministry of Transportation


We employ highly trained-Mechanical Engineers, certified in vehicle inspection with certificate in auto mobile engineering. These vehicle examiners have years of experience to conduct professional vehicle inspection.

We trust in fostering an environment that promotes continuous learning and development as we strive to harness the capability and potential of our people


Our equipment includes: Gas analyzer and smoke tester, Beam checker, Side slip, Suspension bench, Roller brake tester, Play detector and shaker plate etc

Improving the quality of human life by providing platform that guarantee safety on our roads and making road transportation safer, air cleaner by ensuring that only road worthy vehicles are on our roads is the reason we exist.