Types of Inspection

Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive, LACVIS has the appropriate and well equipped testing facilities to inspect it. We provide a range of inspections, to suit individual needs and particular situations.

Types of Inspection we offer:

Statutory Road Worthiness Inspection

These are inspections done for vehicles about to be registered and for road worthiness purpose. It is mandatory because the law says so.

Volunteering Inspection

These are inspections where vehicle owners opt for willingly and not been coerce to undergo them.

Vehicle Auditing

It’s an inspection mostly done by corporate bodies for the purpose of thorough audit to give detailed report on the status of their vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Initial Inspection

Before a new commercial vehicle can be registered, LACVIS must verify that it complies with the standards set out by the authorities.


If your vehicle fails to meet the requirements and standards of an Initial, Special or Routine Inspection, you will be required to rectify the problem(s) and come back for a re-inspection. We will re-inspect the previously failed item(s).

Routine Inspection

It is a mandatory requirement for all private and commercial vehicles to undergo a Routine Inspection at LACVIS, in order to certify compliance to regulations. During this inspection, we will check the legality and roadworthiness of the vehicle. The routine inspection duration for Private vehicle is once every year, while commercial vehicle is every six months.

Government Vehicle Inspection

All government vehicles are encouraged to undergo inspections to ascertain the roadworthiness of the vehicle and that it is in accordance with the regulations.