Tips for the Control of Brake Failure:

Tips for the Control of Brake Failure:

In case of “Brake Failure” measures to put in place includes;

1. Continuous pumping(manual) pressing(automatic) of the brake pedal until the desired result is achieved
2. Change your gears gradually from 5 to 1 until desired result
3. Quickly remember 2 by 2. Gradually press/pull your hand brake step by step 2 by 2 format.


Note: when you are applying this format (2 by 2), make sure you don’t press/pull with force.

Do note that all our 15 LACVIS centres are pre-installed to check the brakes efficiency of a vehicle.  These checks helps to detect if the vehicle’s brakes are functional or impaired.

When you witness a brake failure, as a professional and defensive driver , make sure you don’t tell anyone in the vehicle what is going on because you may end up increasing tensions of passengers thereby putting lives at more risk.

Credit: Transafe 360 Global Initiative

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