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We Pride in your safety

We want every journey you make to be a safe one. Frequent Inspection certifies the roadworthiness of the vehicle, which indicates that the vehicles are safe to be on the road.

We want a Toxic-free Environment

Vehicles emit smoke and dangerous gases that pollute the environment. Certifying that vehicles that emit dangerous gases and smoke are off the road and the environment is safe for road users.

It’s Fast & Cheap

Inspections can save you money in the long run as small defects can be identified and rectified with low cost before they become major issues. Well maintained vehicles run more efficiently, so you get the most out of every drop of fuel.

LACVIS is the right choice for you if:

Your Statutory Road Worthiness has expired

Done for vehicles about to be registered and for road worthiness purpose.

Safety is your priority

Vehicle owners ought to opt for willingly and not been coerce to undergo them.

You need Vehicle Audit

Mostly done by corporate bodies for the purpose of thorough audit to give detailed report on the status of their vehicles.

The right decision,

at the right time.

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